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No matter what type of move you are making, commercial or residential, finding the right moving company that can fulfill you
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If you are making a long distance move, use SmartMove to make things easier on yourself. SmartMove is simple and worry-free.
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Making the decision for an international move is a big decision and the beginning of an exciting time. However, it can also
Along with moving services Big Sam Movers also provides storage for any of your needs. We have the capac

Welcome Big Sam Moving

Your Moving Company in the Jersey City, NJ Area

Moving takes a lot of time and energy, whether your new home is down the block or overseas. Choosing the right moving company ensures that all your belongings arrive intact and on time so you have less to worry about.

At Big Sam Moving & Storage, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your moving needs to get you started, transitioned, and settled in as smoothly as possible.

More Than Movers

At Big Sam Moving and Storage, we know that even the best movers can only get you so far. To help fill in the gaps that might be left in a traditional company’s options, we offer comprehensive services, including the following:

Packing: How you pack your belongings is just as important as how you transport them. If you have fragile, oddly shaped, or valuable items to pack, let our skilled movers help.

Moving: Our team handles moves of all distances and sizes. We offer solutions for local, state-to-state, and international transitions that suit the needs of both homeowners and businesses.

Storage: We offer storage in a secure, fireproof, and temperature-controlled facility.

For more information that can simplify your move, visit our guides page for a list of best practices.

Reserve Today

Big Sam Moving & Storage has experience helping homeowners and business owners like you reach their final destination. Our team of movers in Jersey City, NJ prides itself on making moves effortless.

Contact us today to speak to a sales representative. Start your move off right with a free quote and a custom services package designed to fit your needs.


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I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to the team at Example, they really have taken my business on .
- Michael

We needed to get a whole house of stuff moved in a hurry. I was losing sleep over how I wa.
- James