5 Things you need to do before the Movers Arrive

You may be moving in a few days or weeks, thinking about the new place. This place may be exciting for some and depressing for others. Regardless, what you can not deny, is that moving is STRESSFUL.

It is understandable that moving is not a day job. Relocation can be a daunting task and the more you prepare for the big day, the better. (Pun Intended)

So, where to start?
Big Sam lists 5 most essential things you need to know before your movers and packers arrive!


Make a Calendar with Lists

You knew this was coming right? Let’s talk more about how.

The best way is to use paper and write things there, but for how long are you going to hold on to that diary? There are thousands of apps that will help you make lists, add notes and reminders attached to the events you mark in your calendar.

We recommend the Google Calendar. You are probably using it already or your google account is synced to your iOS. Just start there.

Make a new calendar called “Moving” or “Godzilla”, whatever you want and add your tasks day wise so that you don’t forget anything.

The key is that you set a timeframe and a few deadlines according to your convenience and capacity. Break down those big jobs into mini goals and complete the process without any hassle or stress.

Create an Inventory

Make a list of items to be packed in each room. Start with the Living Room, then the bedroom(s), the kitchen and finally the bathroom(s). This list may be useful should you forget what was in which box when you reopen your stuff as you reach.

One thing that you may notice yet forget :
What you pack last is what you open first. We can call this box “Pack Last” or “Open First”. So remember to add the right things to that box so that you are not out of toilet paper on your last day or can’t find your toothbrush on your first.

You can sort the several lists

  • Room wise : A separate list for each room.
  • Utility wise : What you may need first.
  • According to the Difficulty in packing : A sorting ranging from Fragile to Robust items.
  • According to the Nature of your Items : Like Furniture, Electronics, Tools, Utensils, etc.



Cancel Subscriptions and Switch Utilities

Before you move out you need to make sure you are not subscribed to newspapers, magazines and other stuff that you may receive on a regular basis.

Also, make sure your TV, electricity, water, wifi , landline phone and other utilities have been disconnected.

By the time you reach the new place, these utilities should be up and running at that address so you don’t face any problems.

Separate your Valuable Items

Now you may not have a treasure chest like this one but everyone has some things they want to hold on to or are too valuable to be packed and sent on a truck. It is wise to pack these before hand to avoid tip-toeing around them men who are practically gonna take over the whole moving process.

You can also opt for extra insurance if you are worried about your antique items.

Keep your personal documents, jewellery and other valuable items in your suitcase or bag that you will be carrying with yourself in the car, cab, bus, train or flight.


Say GoodBye!

Believe it or not, you have to get this done. Meet your loved ones and throw a party if you can. Try to capture these moments in your camera. You’re gonna miss it.

And if you are a loner, you’re not alone! Say goodbye to your house by cleaning it, shutting the holes you drilled in the wall and do a last final check if something remains in the house that is yours. Except your heart of course. This is for the extroverts as well.

There is no perfect list that will make things perfect. But hey, this will give you the satisfaction that you got close to it. What matters is that you settle safely and be ready for any problems that may come.